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Five Reasons Why Franchising Without a Franchise Consultant is Reckless
by Dr Callum Floyd
Callum Floyd, Director of Franchize Consultants in New Zealand, explains five important reasons why a franchise development consultant is pivotal when franchising a business.
Beware the Multi-Unit Franchising Love Affair
by Greg Nathan
Greg Nathan, Chairman, Franchise Relationships Institute, highlights some common challenges associated with multi-unit franchising.
Stop Selling & Start Recruiting
by Joe Mathews
Sell and pay the consequences. Joe Mathews, Founding Partner, Franchise Performance Group, explains the important difference between franchise sales and franchise recruitment.
The "Be Your Own Boss" Franchise Myth
by Sean Kelly
Franchise marketer, Sean Kelly (President, IdeaFarm), warns franchisors against perpetuating the BYOB myth.
Minimum Performance Levels in Franchising
by Dr Callum Floyd
This article explains the concept of minimum performance criteria and discusses their application.

The Hardest Job in Franchising: Turning Down the Check

by Mark Siebert
Mark Siebert, CEO of iFranchise Group, addresses a key lesson for prospective franchisors (that many experienced franchisors learnt the hard way).

Developing a Proper Franchise Program

by Michael H. Seid
Michael H. Seid, Managing Director of Michael H. Seid & Associates LLC, explains the foundations of a well-structured franchising expansion program.
Federal Judge Likens Franchising as Business to "Modified Ponzi Scheme" and Holds that Franchisor is Employer of Massachusetts Franchisees
by Arthur L. Pressman and Gregg A. Rubenstein
Nixon Peabody’s Arthur L. Pressman & Gregg A. Rubenstein comment on the case and issues presented to franchisors.
Retail Modeling - The science behind encroachment avoidance?
by Michael H. Seid
Michael Seid, Managing Director of Michael H Seid & Associates discusses design and management issues relating to territories – and encroachment avoidance.
Finding Expert Franchising Help
by Mark Siebert
Mark Siebert, CEO of iFranchise Group, explains how choosing the right experts during your early franchising phase can translate to long-term success.
Are all Franchisee Training Programmes Alike?
by Michael Seid and Kay Marie Ainsley
No, say Michael Seid and Kay Marie Ainsley, Managing Directors of Michael H. Seid & Associates, LLC. Franchisors listen up. Franchisees look out.
The ABCs of Growing Smart
by Mark Siebert
Mark Siebert, iFranchise CEO, provides expert tips for developing your franchise's national expansion plan.
Determining Fees and Other Pricing Issues
by Michael H. Seid
Determining appropriate franchise income streams and setting their levels is one of the most difficult and important structural decisions made during the franchise system development process. Michael Seid explains some of the options, complexities and methods involved in determining the optimal income mix.
Should You Sell Franchises or Build a Chain?
by Mark Siebert
Just because a particular business can be franchised does not mean it should be franchised. Mark Siebert, CEO of iFranchise, explains why.
Franchise versus Company Operations
by Phil Blain
Whether to run a mix of franchised and company operations is a question which every franchisor inevitably faces. Phil Blain, Principal at the Franchise Alliance, Australia, provides answers.
Selling Your Franchise at a Trade Show
by Mark Siebert
Mark Siebert, iFranchise CEO, walks us through marketing a franchise at a trade show. This article includes background information, tips for choosing shows and making the most from your expo investment.
Franchise Development - Doing it Right
by Michael H. Seid
Is my business franchiseable and what steps should be taken? Michael H. Seid, Managing Director of Michael H. Seid & Associates, a specialist franchise advisory organisation, provides a logical and comprehensive framework for newcomers considering franchising a business.
Franchising an Established Business
by Dr Callum Floyd
Written for a New Zealand audience, this article features some of the key advantages and challenges associated with franchising a business.
Franchising Your Business
by Mark Siebert
How do you tell when a business 'franchisable'? What are the benefits of franchising, and what is involved? In this article Mark draws on his experience in franchising to explore each of these issues.
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