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Franchisee planning for a brighter future
by Dr Callum Floyd
This article details the importance of franchisee business planning, including key success factors.
How Franchising Can Work in Tough Times
by Dr Callum Floyd
Callum Floyd, Director of Franchize Consultants (NZ) Ltd, points to the importance of profit, a strong business model, and self-reflection, when purchasing a franchise in tough times.
If it were me (buying a franchise)
by Dr Callum Floyd
Callum Floyd, Director of Franchize Consultants (NZ) Ltd, provides a list of five key factors he would consider if he were taking the plunge.
Knowing yourself and buying a franchise
by Franchise Direct outlines some important personal factors to consider when evaluating a franchise.
If The Franchise Doesn't Come With A Marketing Machine, Keep Shopping!
by John P. Hayes, Ph.D
If you're buying a franchise, you want to make sure it comes with customers and/or proven methods for obtaining them.
Minimum Performance Levels in Franchising
by Dr Callum Floyd
This article explains the concept of minimum performance criteria and discusses their application.
10 Franchisee Tips for the Recession
by Dr Callum Floyd
The recession has brought challenging times for franchisees in many sectors. Many are finding it tough. Meanwhile, others are flourishing. Why is that? This article presents 10 key tips for franchisees in the recession.
The Franchise Brokerage Industry May Be Changing (Again)
by Joel Libava
Franchise broker, industry blogger and marketer, Joel Libava (aka ‘The Franchise King®’) provides a personal view on the competitive, challenging and changing role of franchise brokers.
Franchisee satisfaction and buying a franchise
by Dr Callum Floyd
Callum Floyd, Director of Franchize Consultants, explains why you should consider franchisee satisfaction when buying a franchise.
Negotiation and the Franchise Relationship
by Jerry Wilkerson
Jerry Wilkerson of Franchise Recruiters Ltd harnesses his extensive experience in both franchising and political life to explore negotiation and successful franchise relationships. Prepare to leave a dollar on the table.
Are all Franchisee Training Programmes Alike?
by Michael Seid and Kay Marie Ainsley
No, say Michael Seid and Kay Marie Ainsley, Managing Directors of Michael H. Seid & Associates, LLC. Franchisors listen up. Franchisees look out.
Don't get caught short - franchise terms and renewals
by Peter McLaughlin
One area of uncertainty with prospective franchisees is how long their franchise agreement will operate. Peter McLaughlin of redchip lawyers summarises the key issues.
Territory - What Are You Getting?
by Stewart Germann and Clive Neifeld
Stewart Germann and Clive Neifeld of SGL (New Zealand) explain the ins and outs of franchise territories.
Evaluate a Franchisor's Services
by Michael H. Seid
The promise of support is one of the key reasons many choose to buy a franchise. Yet support levels vary from wonderful to nil. Michael Seid offers guidance on evaluating types and levels of franchisor support.
Benchmarking Your Business
by Daniel Cloete
Daniel Cloete, National Franchising Manager for Westpac bank in New Zealand, describes benchmarking as a tool for driving franchising performance (NZ benchmarking examples included).
Online Search Tactics for Finding Your Dream Business
by Pamela Gold
Learning about franchising and finding the ideal franchise needn't be the arduous task it was 10 years ago. Pamela Gold explains how many stages of the selection process can be undertaken online.
Know your boundaries - how franchise territories work
by Peter McLaughlin
The nature of territory rights is always a hot topic for prospective franchisees. Peter McLaughlin of redchip lawyers comments on rights under the franchise agreement.
How Much Can You Expect: Understanding Earnings Claims
by Pamela Gold
You'll undoubtedly want to know how much you can expect to earn when considering a franchise. Finding out may be more difficult than you think. Experienced franchise writer, Pamela Gold, explains the complexities and offers advice.
Risk Versus Reward
by Mark C. Siebert
This article explains how the concepts of risk and reward can be used to help you select the right franchise opportunity for YOU. While it is orientated toward the United States, prospective franchisees in other countries should also find it useful.
The Balancing Act: Time Management Strategies for Business and Family
by Pamela Gold
Success at work doesn't necessarily mean success at home. Pamela Gold shows how strategies for family are as important as strategies for business, and suggests ideas for achieving balance.
True Confessions of a Franchise Sales Executive
by Jerry Wilkerson
To sign, or not to sign. Former IFA President, Jerry Wilkerson, shares his experiences and views from a franchise sale.
Is Franchising for You?
by Alastair Kay
This article explains how franchising works, highlighting the factors to consider and the importance of good research.
Making the Right Decision
by Dr Callum Floyd
This article is oriented toward franchising in New Zealand, but also applies generally. It highlights questions to ask yourself, the importance of sound research and obtaining specialist advice.
The Six Stages of Franchise Relationships
by Greg Nathan
Corporate psychologist Greg Nathan talks about the relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Read about what Greg identifies as the six stages of franchise relationships. This model will be of interest to prospective and existing franchisors and franchisees.
Assessing Franchise Opportunities
by Franchise Frank
Raises a number of important questions and handy hints to consider when assessing franchise opportunities.
The Art of Franchise Negotiating
by Jerry Wilkerson
How do you negotiate with your franchisor? Past IFA President Jerry Wilkerson shares his views on the art of franchisee-franchisor negotiation.
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