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New Zealand Franchisors Report Increased Confidence in 2015
by Dr Callum Floyd
The Franchize Consultants’ January 2015 Franchising Confidence Index demonstrates an increase in confidence across overall sector growth drivers.

Previous quarterly surveys by Franchize Consultants:
Australian Survey of Prospective Franchisees
by Mortgage Choice
The annual Australian survey of potential franchisees commissioned by Australia’s largest independently-owned mortgage broker, Mortgage Choice.
Let's Be Honest About Franchising
by Jerry Wilkerson
In this article, Jerry Wilkerson provides an outlook for franchising in 2010 and explores whether the industry can help lead the U.S. out of the recession.
'Invincible' Franchises Face Tough Challenges
by Dr Callum Floyd
What makes a franchise successful today may not work tommorrow. This article explores four key trends and challenges that are forcing many big names to change operating practices and product/service offerings.
Where Franchising Is Going In 09
by Jerry Wilkerson
As Jerry Wilkerson notes, if someone claims to know what will happen in the business of franchising through 2009, don’t believe him or her. It is going to be that kind of a year. Read on for details.
Franchising in Ireland
by McGarry Consulting
Findings from the 1998 Survey of franchising in Ireland are reported. The economic impact of franchising, costs involved in buying a franchise, consumer awareness and habits, and other useful findings in the Ireland franchise market are all explored.
The Future of Franchising
by Dr Callum Floyd
This article details the author's views on franchising trends. Originally written for Franchise New Zealand Magazine, the article covers a number of areas (such as, the influence of technology and the Internet on franchising) and should also be of interest to a broader audience.
The Annual Franchise Business Development Forecast And Industry Trends Analysis - 2005
by Jerry Wilkerson
A survey of outlook and projections of growth and development from 100 top franchise executives in the United States, conducted by Franchise Recruiters Ltd.
  Previous surveys: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
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