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International Franchising and Licensing
by Dr Callum Floyd
Callum Floyd of Franchize Consultants in New Zealand outlines background considerations and requirements for successful international franchising and licensing development.
New Australian Franchising Code Amendments
by Philip Smith
Philip Smith of Thomson Playford Cutlers outlines key Franchising Code amendments that will take effect from 1 July 2010.
Establishing And Justifying International License Fees
by William Edwards and Robert Shaw
William Edwards, president, and Robert Shaw, senior vice president, of Edwards Global Services Inc., provide perspectives on international franchising fees.
10 Ways To Know You Are Ready To 'Go International'
by William Edwards and Robert Shaw
William Edwards, president, and Robert Shaw, senior vice president, of Edwards Global Services Inc., provide international franchising readiness insights based on substantial international experience.
Finding International Franchise Partners
by Brian Duckett
Brian Duckett, Chairman of The Franchising Centre, provides insight into his approach and experience for international expansion.
Vietnam's franchise laws laid groundwork for increased franchising activity
by Kendal H. Tyre and Diana Vilmenay
Kendal H. Tyre and Diana Vilmenay of Nixon Peabody explore growth and the legal framework for franchising in Vietnam.
Australia: more regulation from down under
by Philip F. Zeidman
Philip F. Zeidman, senior partner with DLA Piper's Franchise and Distribution division, comments on recent changes to Australian franchise regulations.
Opportunities for Restaurant Franchising in China
by Dr Ilan Alon
China: While many international franchisors are lured by 1.3 billion and a growing middle class, size alone doesn't dictate opportunity. Dr Ilan Alon explores the marketing mix and need for adaptation in the restaurant sector.
Franchising in New Zealand
by Rory MacDonald
A wide ranging introduction to New Zealand franchising, legal, economic and cultural environment, and what New Zealanders (really) think of Australians!
China: The Mother of all Franchise Markets
by Jerry Wilkerson
Returning from a recent trip, Jerry Wilkerson explains the huge potential (and complex challenges) encountered by foreign franchisors entering China.
Belgium Adopts Franchise Law
    by Steven B. Feirman and Philip F. Zeidman
Steven Feirman and Philip Zeidman of DLA Piper summarise key implications of the new Belgium franchise law.
Expanding Your Franchise System into Canada
by David J. Gray
David Gray of Aylesworth, Toronto, outlines the legal environment facing foreign franchisors contemplating entry into Canada.
A Passage to India
by Srijoy Das
Srijoy Das, a Partner with the law firm Archer & Angel (New Delhi),
introduces India's potential and legal issues for expanding foriegn
Destination Australia and New Zealand
by Dr Callum Floyd
Callum Floyd explains why Australia and New Zealand should not be
overlooked as international franchise markets.
The New Italian Franchise Law
by Philip F. Zeidman
Philp F. Zeidman, DLA Piper Senior Partner, profiles the new Italian law regulating the sale of franchises, and the conduct of franchisors and franchisees.
Taking your Franchise to the UK & Europe
by Brian Duckett
This article outlines a range of key factors and decisions to consider when evaluating international franchising in the UK and Europe.
Economic Potential of Emerging Markets
by Dr Ilan Alon
How do franchisor's evaluate and prioritise foriegn markets for international expansion? Dr Ilan Alon outlines three useful factors to assist in these decisions.
Surf's Up!
by Mark Siebert
In this article, Mark Siebert describes why he thinks the time is ripe for US franchisors to look abroad. Important issues including the process of internationalization and structuring of agreements are also explored.
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